William Shakespeare 's Don 't Dress For Dinner Essay

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What is done in the dark, will always come to light. In the play Don’t Dress for Dinner, the audience meets Bernard who had planned a wonderful and romantic dinner for his mistress. Bernard the main character of the play, fits the common profile of a rich older man who loves younger women. He falls for a younger women who is in her prime and is full of life. He arranges a beautiful weekend full of surprises for her. The fabulous Bernard goes from being joyful to surprise and having fear through throughout the play. In the beginning of the play he is filled with joy because he is going to see his mistress that he is always raving about. Towards the middle of the play Bernard is surprised to find out he is not the only one who is having an affair. To having fear of a mad boyfriend of the cook he hired for his romantic date with his mistress. Bernard played a roll of a comedic actor who had to be funny while being happy, shocked and scared It’s not every day that Bernard gets to have a romantic weekend with his mistress. Bernard was excited when he heard his wife had wanted to get away for the weekend. He described his mistress as a knockout and beyond prefect women. The actor made sure his eyes were shining directly on the light when he said those words to capture the audience attention. For us that were in the audience you could feel the joy coming from him. You also feel the excitement when she knocks on the door and he knows it’s her. As soon as his mistress walks in, he…

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