Essay about William Shakespeare 's An English Morality Play

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No matter the way that anyone lives their life or prepares for it, death is a cruel and an inevitable outcome of all life, which no man is ever ready for. Everyman, the main character in an English morality play, is summoned by death after death is commanded to take Everyman through his forthcoming pilgrimage. Although he is not ready for this journey and begs for more time, he repents his sins and searches for companions to join him along the way. Of all the companions Everyman looks to accompany him on his pilgrimage to face God, all but one, his Good Deeds, forsakes him in his greatest time of need.
From the beginning, the author portrays God’s sorrow and shows that he is infuriated by the behavior and lack of obedience to his word. God has given everything to all his creatures. He speaks of his utmost sacrifice of dying for their sins on the cross. “My law that I showed, when I for them died, They forget clean, and shedding of my blood red; I hanged between two, it cannot be denied; To get them life I suffered to be dead” (Anonymous, stanza 29-32). God felt as if he had no other choice after all that he done for them than to call for death because they in return disappoint him and neglect his efforts.
Along his journey Everyman first turns to Fellowship, but is abandoned when he finds out that death is to come upon Everyman. Everyman then turns to Cousin and Kindred to stand beside him because they are family, but they too abandon him. After family, Everyman turns to his…

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