William Shakespeare 's A Modest Proposal And Virginia Woolf 's Sister

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Social constraints and prejudice placed on people by society had and still have substantial effects. This allows ignorant people to develop preconceived notions and judgments of individuals based on what society have deemed them to be. The struggle for equality can push people to break away from barriers; however, many tend to stick within the framework that society has constructed for them due to the constraints that they place on themselves. Both Jonathan Swift’s “A Modest Proposal” and Virginia Woolf’s “Shakespeare’s Sister” develop fictional characters that deal with the serious issues of society that are still present today. Swift proposes the solution of consuming Irish infants to England’s overpopulation problem, which at first seems serious but later becomes evidently clear that it is satirical. Woolf also tackles a major issue through the character of Judith Shakespeare, William Shakespeare’s twin sister and the constraints she has because of her sex. Similarities and differences between these two essays are evident in the argument through the author’s use of rhetorical elements such as narrative perspective and imagery.

Swift jumps right into painting the harsh and flawed truth of society. He proposes a solution that would be beneficial to everyone, which consist of the selling and consumption of Irish children. He goes into great detail of his proposal describing the many ways the children can be prepared and made into other goods as well. Seeming to be so…

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