William Shakespeare 's A Midsummer Night 's Dream Essay

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Midsummer’s eve is commonly known as a time for miracles and mischief, and William Shakespeare does not disappoint readers in his play, A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Shakespeare’s characters run amuck throughout the play and enter the realm of a fairy king. Oberon, the fairy king, tries to help the lovestruck Helena by sending his fairy servant to cause Helena’s love to be reciprocated. However, the king’s generosity backfires and causes a messy tangle of love and misunderstandings. Many critics believe that throughout the play Shakespeare uses different elements to symbolize important topics. Personally, I agree with the critics and believe that Shakespeare’s symbolism highlights topics important to him at the time. The symbolism in A Midsummer Night’s Dream is prevalent within the title and the characters, which represent topics ranging from madness to society and gender roles during that time period. One aspect of the play that may go unknown as symbolism is the title. The title, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, is said by some critics to represent madness. Robert Fleissner states, “the point that the term midsummer need not be taken literally and can be seen as a pun (and thereby a kind of euphemism for) mad summer” (“Shakespeare’s A MIDSUMMER NIGHT’S DREAM”, 1). The critic is basically saying that the title is not to be taken seriously, but as a play on words to convey the theme of madness throughout the play. The events that take place seem to back this claim. The further that…

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