William Shakespeare Humorism Essay

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Laughing has been proven to assist people in becoming healthier both mentally and physically. Americans have come to crave this happiness, especially when it comes to the humorists that people listen to. These humorists create this happiness through their critiques of ideas by stating ideas that people don’t always say directly according to author Alain de Botton. It is clear that it is the job of humorists not merely to entertain, but to put a positive spin on events that subsist as serious matters. One example of the role that humorists play is in politics: humorists design political cartoons to critique the grave situations that exist in politics. More specifically, after the Watergate scandal, numerous news agencies like the Washington …show more content…
William Shakespeare, one of the world’s most popular satirists, was special for his time, but his ideas were different from what we know today. However, the idea of humorists providing a conduit to express ideas that are not typically spoken in circadian life. Shakespeare made several plays that expressed views that, for the time, were vulgar and lewd in their content. In many of his works, he used thinly veiled references to the Queen of England and her passing of power to the next monarch. The Queen of England at the time of many of Shakespeare’s greatest creations was Elizabeth I, the famed “Virgin Queen.” Because of the tumultuous controversy of who would succeed the childless queen to the throne, Shakespeare used many of his plays, like Hamlet, to critique the disagreements that the people had about this tense situation. Similar to the political cartoonists of today, Shakespeare was able to humorously ridicule the injudiciousness of those who argued aimlessly over the events that were taking place. As evidenced by the political cartoonists of today and by Shakespeare himself, the role of humor is not just to amuse the audience, but it is also to critique those in power and provide a check on the sovereignty of the government and any institution that governs a

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