William Shakespeare Biography Essay

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What was Shakespeare Biography? Who was William Shakespeare? Where was he born? Where did he go to school? How did William Shakespeare live his life from the beginning to the ending? William Shakespeare’s life became a great mystery with lack of evidence to support any findings. His schooling, his family and parents will be revealed in my paper. Who were William Shakespeare’s parents? The parents of Mr. Shakespeare were John Shakespeare and Mary Arden Shakespeare. Mary Arden married William Shakespeare in 1557. Mary was the favorite of eight daughters of the widowed Robert Arden (Absolute Shakespeare, 2000-2005). William Shakespeare’s parents were both uneducated. John Shakespeare had become the Mayor of Stratford were William …show more content…
Shakespeare and Hathaway’s son Hamnet was also raised by his mother. Little is known on the life of Hamnet since it was cut so short. There are no records that he ever attended school, which with his family background, I’m sure there was some type of education. In the late 1500’s an outbreak of the Bubonic Plague occurred, otherwise known as “Black Death or Black Plague.” Hamnet contracted this deadly disease of unknown sources and died at the age of eleven years old. He was buried where Shakespeare was born, in Stratford, England on the eleventh day of August in 1596 (Children and Grandchildren,2005). Judith the twin of Hamnet was to marry Thomas Quiney who came from a good family. Judith was thirty-one and Thomas was twenty-seven. They were married in Stratford, England on the tenth of February of 1616. A scandalous breakout occurred after the marriage that Quiney had made another girl pregnant. On March 12th the marriage was excommunicated (Children and Grandchildren,2005). The grandchildren of Shakespeare and Hathaway were many. Judith had three children, and Susanna had one daughter. Judith’s sons all died tragically, and very young. All of them boys, first son died at six months old, second son died at the age of twenty-one from the Black Plague, and her other son died the same month from the Black Plague, which would of been in January of 1639. On Judith’s side nobody survived the Shakespeare line. Susanna’s daughter Elizabeth was the only grandchild William

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