William Seward 's Policies On The Domestic Expansion Essay example

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1. William Seward’s policies had similarities to the domestic expansion that occurred in the mid-nineteenth century under the idea of Manifest Destiny, however his policies were still differed from some of its ideals. Even though he supported American expansion through his policies he does not necessarily support domestic expansion and instead wanted to expand regardless of the continent. For example, Seward secured congressional approval for the Burlingame Treaty with China, which essentially set terms for Chinese emigration(for labourers) and helped open their borders to US missionaries. This went against the Manifest Destiny ideal as this treaty allowed “nonwhites” into America and also allowed Americans to expand into China(the missionaries). Furthermore, Seward’s purchase of Alaska shows the idea of expansion but not the idea of expanding within America and to unoccupied lands. Seward had purchased this land from Russia, another country altogether and therefore did not adhere to all the ideals of Manifest Destiny, which stated that America had the right to expand anywhere within North America. Additionally, while Manifest Destiny was generally supported by the Americans, Seward’s purchase of Alaska was not. Further examples of Seward’s want to internationally expand is seen by his urging of the annexation of Hawaii and building of the Panama Canal. Although William Seward continued the expansion of America, he did it in different ways than before.
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