William Saroyan 's ' The Message Of Each Play Comes From The World '

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William Saroyan once stated, “The message of each play comes from the world - which the writer regards as the only and therefore the best known to man. The comedy, tragedy, absurdity and nobility of these plays come from people whom the author regards as beautiful” (Remenyi 97). William Saroyan entered his way into the literary community by producing many successful short stories. These stories often expressed a sense of sentimentality and emotion while still equidistant to his witty sardonic manner. Satire is used when one tries to point out a flaw for society by using sarcasm or witty humor. Through the publications, details of his background are uncovered and reveal their influence on Saroyan’s satirical and unstructured style. The characters in his stories greatly reflect his own childhood, including family struggles, personal values, and compromises he had to make. His stories almost appear biographical and his criticisms of the views of immigrants and the social turmoil that was prevalent. Even so, one must accept the cruelties and the imminent fate that life supplies, but one must also embrace the optimistic view that is seen by Saroyan. Hence, the memories behind each story truly reveal much about the development of Saroyan’s writing style. Saroyan’s immigrant history helped provide him the social pressure that is associated with a mordant writing style. Born in 1908, Saroyan was born a few years after Sultan Abdul Hamid overthrew the Ottoman Empire. His parents,…

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