William Powers Of ' Hamlet 's Blackberry ' Essay

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William Powers in his book “Hamlet 's Blackberry” in Chapter 9 Inventing Your Life, he talks about how to improve digital life, that was no e-mail Fridays. Powers states, “When numerous studies and media reports cited it as a possible answer to the problem of distracted, insufficient workers” (157). Powers is talking about how people were getting distracted and off course by getting on there email, they had to do something to help. Companies and other businesses knew something had to be done, with the businesses losing hundred of billions of dollars. The plan was so simple. Powers states, “One day a week, everyone in an organization would disconnect from the inbox. This would lighten the mental burden, restore focus, and encourage face-to-face interaction” (157). Powers is talking about the positive effects of no email friday’s and what someone has to do to do no email Friday. But it has yet to happen. The employees have yet to take in this new rule that has been enforced. The gap of time from the no email fridays is to help, but they don 't see it really helping them. Powers thinks all digital technologies are still pretty fresh and everyone are still in the learning stages and the learning never ends. A new device comes with three categories of problems. The entirely functional, behavioral and inner human dimensions of technology. The human problems that are the main problems come from the three categories above, that 's when the problems arise in this area and…

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