William Miller 's ' The Crucible ' Essay

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Lejla Muric
Mrs. Stokley
English 10
4 November 2016

Call Me Abigail Proctor
It is true that Abigail was in love with a man named John Proctor, and she just craved a higher status, and love makes people do crazy things. Abigail is a static, round character, and she has not changed throughout the whole play. However, Abigail still sent people to their deaths and was willing to do whatever she had to do in order to get the name that she deserved. The Crucible is a play written by Arthur Miller, and in this play he demonstrates the things people would do to get whatever they want. By looking at the dialogue and the stage directions that were presented in the play, it is easy to tell how Abigail’s character managed to get through the trials. In the beginning of the play, Abigail was a rude person, who started developing a bad name in the town. At this point in the play, Parris asks Abigail, “Your name in the town- it is entirely white, is it not?” Where Abigail replies with, “Why, I am sure it is, sir. There be no blush about my name.” (Miller 171). Abigail has always wanted a higher status ever since she was orphaned. Since she is an orphan, she has had to work for herself and become a maid, due to this she still has not been able to accomplish the goal of having a higher name in the town. Also, Abigail lives with her Uncle, and he does not have a good status either meaning that she won’t be able to get a better name as long as she is living with her Uncle. Abigail used to…

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