William Martin 's ' The Fall That Our Imaginations Trace ' Essay example

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In “After 9/11,” Charles Martin, the author, relates to the emotion condition of man in a way that few other could. Though he does so many times throughout this work, a focus should be placed on one particular chosen pair of words. Midway through this poem, Martin describes the many awful types of deaths that he victims suffered, but he ends his description by relating these deaths to the memory of those who saw the events on that day. Particularly, Martin writes, “The fall that our imaginations trace.” The final two words, “imaginations trace,” seem to be at first strangely written; however, when further examined it can be seen that the choice of words by Martin could be no greater. These words are so powerful because they touch the readers mind in two different ways. Firstly, these words have a profound effect on any reader because of how they firmly grasp the way humans feel emotion. In addition, this choice of words can also tie into Martin’s beliefs on the powerful healer, time. “After 9/11,” is a moving work even when read without much thought; nevertheless, when Martins words are expanded upon, the work truly becomes a gold mine of the knowledge of the infamous consequences of 9/11. The lines previous to “imaginations trace,” describe how many died on 9/11, and how everyone was somehow connected to this horrific event. Martin writes, “In those early days/ When we went outside, we walked among the few/ Grieving for someone they would grieve for always,/ And walked…

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