William Lutz 'With This Words I Can Sell You Nothing'

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There are many companies out there in the world that will employ some of the most devious advertising techniques just to make you want to buy their product. These techniques can utilize some very harsh and bold statements to grab your attention and pull it in so you take a closer look at their product or service. For example, a Verizon ad that I found states “Faster than a shopaholic riding a racehorse through a shoe sale after doing a triple shot of espresso,” that makes a bold statement that gives many people an interesting mental image. At the bottom of the ad there are words such as “Quick. Silver.” “faster and sleeker than ever” “like never before” words like these are used as vague deceptive words that don’t actually say anything about the product.
Deception is a number one weapon in an advertiser’s arsenal used to make their product seem more desirable to consumers. William Lutz in his article With These Words I Can Sell You Anything talks about these deceptive words that companies use to draw in the viewers or readers. More specifically Lutz talks about the words “new and improved” (65) which are similar to the words Verizon used in their ad for a blackberry that says “like never before.” Those words are very vague in the way they don’t say what is different about the product, it could be the smallest thing like a new flavor or in
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These claims can be inaccurate due to there not being any backing behind the word. “Acts” is just an empty verb that has no meaning and when paired with a word like fast the phrase is just an empty saying void of meaning. The Verizon ad makes the claim “faster and sleeker than ever” this has no real true meaning behind the claim for it does not say how much faster, if any, the phone may be and sleeker can mean many different things as well such as size or how the phone

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