William H. Armstrong 's Our Town Written By Thornton Wilder Essay

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“You must learn to lose, child. Some people is born to keep. Some is born to lose. ” This is a quote by mother from Sounder written by William H. Armstrong. This quote also addresses the book Our Town written by Thornton Wilder. Part of life is death and although many people fail to understand the concept, it is true. Everyone has at least one encounter with death during their lifetime that is not their own. In both Sounder and Our Town most of the characters have to experience the feeling of losing someone they loved. Mother and the boy from Sounder loose father after not seeing him for years and Mrs. Webb loses both of her children at young ages. No experience of death is the same and everyone reacts differently but one thing that these characters have in common is that it affects each and every one of them in both good and bad ways.
The boy in Sounder experienced a lot during his lifetime. The boy had to assist his family by being the male figure when his father was gone. Something the boy wanted most in life was to learn to read. One day when he was in town to see Father in jail he was searching in the trash can for old newspapers to read when he came across something he had wanted all of his life. He found a book, a book full of stories written by a man named Montaigne. The boy tried to read the book but didn’t know how to. When the boy met the teacher, the man read the book to the boy who was fascinated. “The mellow eyes of the man followed the bot’s puzzled glances…

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