William Golding 's ' A Knight 's Tale ' Essay

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In a Knight’s Tale, portrays a story of a lowly squire William Thatcher played by Health Ledger. Who with the help of his friends, falsifies his identity to change his fate from a lowly servant to a jousting knight. In this story, William has a natural gift for jousting, but during the 14th century era jousting was only permitted to knights of noble birth. Therefore, William had to enter the jousting competitions under a false identity, but as he slowly gains frame from his jousting victories. William also gained the attention of a female fan of noble birth and beauty, known as Jocelyn. The story unfolds as William and Jocelyn meet and fall in love. Although, William frame of his victories also brought unwanted attention from his rival competitor, Count Adehmar. With, the unwanted attention of Count Adehmar, conveys a threat towards William’s identity being exposed. Even, with the threat of being exposed, William did not turn to run away. He continued to fought till the end, and won against his rival Count Adehmar. Ultimately, gained him the right to be one of the noble knights.
In this story of a Knight’s Tale, there are many different types of love. There were affections and love from his father and friends, which give him the support that the main character need to continue his pursuit of becoming a knight. The support from his friends, and his father’s love give him the courage and desire to change his destiny. His friends would be the platonic love of his friendship.…

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