William Gilman 's The Yellow Wallpaper

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During the late 1800’s, men had unlimited control over women in every aspect. The husband of a house usually made all of the decisions while the wife stayed home and cared for the children and took care of the house. Men were driven by an egotistical stereotype that they knew what is best. Charlotte Perkins Gilman lived during this time period and underwent the same suppression and subordination that countless women experienced. During this time period, Gilman wrote one of her most famous and controversial short storie which expressed the consequences of this suppression. In the “Yellow Wallpaper”, the subordination of women is continuously noted by the reader. The author illustrates the imagery of entrapment, through the control the main character 's husband has on her, the suppression of the main character 's writing and motherhood, all of which lead to the main character 's insanity as a consequence of suppression. The author brings to light the entrapment of the main character during the beginning of the story. The story takes place in a colonial estate in which a new couple who just had a baby moved into for the summer as their old house is being repaired. We quickly find out that the main character is placed in a room on the second floor due to a nervous condition. The room she is placed in was previously used as a nursery room which is symbolic for the way that she is treated by her husband John. The main character is constantly watched over and cared for, which…

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