Essay on William Faulkner 's The Sound And The Fury

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In The Sound and the Fury, William Faulkner introduces us to the Compsons, a white Southern family living in post-Civil War Mississippi. The family is comprised of an alcoholic father named Jason III, a neglectful, hypochondriac mother named Caroline, and their four children. The Compsons have three sons: Quentin the eldest, Jason IV and Benjy the youngest, who is also severely mentally handicapped. In addition, there is a daughter named Candace, also called Caddy, who does not have her own voice in the story. Through the narration of her three brothers, we watch as Caddy transforms from a precocious little girl into a promiscuous young woman, who soon discovers herself pregnant out of wedlock. Frantic not to bring shame and dishonor to her family, she marries a wealthy man named Herbert Head, who promises Jason a job at the bank. Tragically, we learn that her eldest brother Quentin commits suicide soon after she marries.
Moreover, Herbert quickly discovers the child she carries is not his and divorces her. As a result, Caddy’s brother Jason IV is left without gainful employment and Caddy is left without a home. Therefore, she leaves the child with her parents and leaves town, her name never spoken in the Compson house again. The subject of this paper is to further examine the character of Caddy. In The Sound and the Fury, Caddy is seen through various perspectives. While representing something different to each of her brothers, Caddy is also used symbolically in the…

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