William Faulkner 's A Rose For Emily Essay

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“We did not say she was crazy then. We believed she had to do that. We remembered all the young men her father had driven away, and we knew that with nothing left, she would have to cling to that which had robbed her, as people will (136). “A Rose for Emily” is a short story written by William Faulkner during the transition of the south from the antebellum era towards the modern future. I chose the last paragraph in the second portion of the story. In this portion of the story Emily’s father has just recently passed away. After his passing Emily exhibited odd behavior such as refusing to admit her Father’s death and the refusal to give up his body many days after his death. The passage I chose is the townspeople commenting on her strange behavior after her Father’s death. This passage shows that Emily clinging to her Father’s dead body is her way the only love she has known because she never married and her behavior with her deceased lover was a continuation of her clinging to past love. Emily was left with nobody in her life to give her love and affection because her father was the only close family that she had. This was an unusual circumstance because during the Antebellum era it was common for high class women to be courted and married off at a young age. However, Emily’s upbringing was very different. Her father, as the text explains, drove away all male suitors that wished to marry Emily. Therefore, her father was the only form of male love that Emily had known…

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