William Douglass 's Writing And Writing Essay

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Marks to Learn Throughout one’s childhood, children learn the alphabet, letters, asking and answering questions, and then apply these skills in reading and writing. This process is the same way how Douglass learned how to read and write because he applied these skills for him to be able to get an education during slavery. In “How to Mark a Book,” Mortimer Adler suggests to readers to make the most out of marking in books. In “Learning to Read and Write,” Frederick Douglass gives a descriptive account on how he was able to learn to read and write as he was growing up as a slave. He also gives an account of the challenges that he had to deal with in slavery. These articles are alike because they list strategies in marking in books while reading, however, they give two different perspectives. “How to Mark a Book” and “Learning to Read and Write” are both similar and different because they are based on marking in books.
In the article, “How to Mark a Book,” Mortimer Adler explains why students should write in books. He states that the most effective type of reading is to “write between the lines” (31). He states that you will get the most out of your reading if you do this strategy. He believes that full ownership is important when you make it a part of yourself by writing in it. When he describes the three types of book owners, he comments that the third type owns books because they have been marked in it. He describes the soul of a book is like a piece of music because it…

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