Essay on William Chaucer 's The Canterbury Tales

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Love is an intense feeling that is highly critical to human life. Everyone has their own beliefs and knowledge about who and what to cherish. Geoffrey Chaucer demonstrates the different ways the people fall in love in The Canterbury Tales. It was written in the year of 1400, which was the most well-known piece of writing in medieval English that Chaucer wrote (Nikolopoulos). The Canterbury Tales begin with the general prologue with the arrival of spring, where the narrator describes the blooming of flowers and the birds singing. During this season of the year, English pilgrims would set off on their journey to the holy shrines. On their voyage, all the travelers hold a storytelling contest to pass the time, and the winner of the contest would win an enjoyable supper. Throughout the tales that was told, there are comparable themes of courtly love and medieval beliefs within each tale. The historical and cultural phenomenon that an individual recognize as courtly love is generally spread through different European cultures and so spread out through many centuries that the characteristics of courtly love remained unchanged (Mandel 277). Courtly love is mainly only between a woman and a noble knight who are not wedded yet (UKeassys). While reading Chaucer’s work, readers can encounter the pain, love and desires that every character expresses throughout The Canterbury Tales. In Chaucer’s The Canterbury Tales, the power of courtly love can lead men to be blinded from reality…

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