William Blake And William Wordsworth Essays

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Children are usually portrayed in books as angelic beings meaning they are the closest to being perfect since they are innocent and pure. However, the idea of this angelic child did not come into play until the 18th century. The poets William Blake and William Wordsworth are the two poets that coined this idea of the child. In the poems of these two authors, children are portrayed as innocent and pure beings that are closer to God than adults. Although these two poets have very different views of what children are like such as their interactions with adults, their perspective on life, and their own beliefs; there are many similarities between the views of these famous poets. William Blake is a poet from the late 1700’s. He spent most of his time writing about the idea of childhood and religion. As a child, Blake himself was raised in a lower social class than his cohort Wordsworth. He was raised by his mother and father and had many other siblings. He, later on, became an apprentice under a “fashionable engraver” named James Basire. Although both his father and mother supported his passion for the arts, his parents were not accepting of his religiousness. Through his biography, many can see the correlations between his poetry and his life. Growing up in a lower social class led Blake to write about the struggles of being a young child in this era. Also dealing with the loss of his younger brother Robert, due to illness, made Blake turn to his art even more and write…

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