Willia William Penn: The Founder Of Pennsylvania

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vWilliam Penn, the founder of Pennsylvania, was born in 1644 in London to Admiral Sir WIlliam Penn and Margaret Jasper Vanderschuren. He received his education at Chigwell School in Essex, England and attended Christ Church College but was expelled for criticizing the Church of England. He then studied theology at the Protestant Academy in France and returned to England to study law.

Penn was inspired to become a Quaker when he traveled to Ireland to manage his father’s property and encountered Quakers who encouraged him to join the faith. He then began to write about his new religious beliefs. This led to his imprisonment in the Tower of London questioning Protestant doctrines in his book The Sandy Foundation Shaken. After writing another book while jailed and then being released, Penn continued to publicize Quaker teachings. He also made several missions trips.
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King Charles II of England owed Penn’s late father money, and Penn asked to be paid in American land west of the Delaware River. The king gave Penn a charter for the new colony, which was called Pennsylvania, with Penn as governor and proprietor. He began to plan the government, write a constitution, establish friendly relationships with the Native Americans there, and distribute land to settlers. The colony was a success in that it attracted Quakers from Europe, as well as other people looking for religious tolerance; however, it had its issues. For example, there were border disputes and financial troubles. Penn returned to England in

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