Will a Shorter Work Week Lead to More Productivity Essay

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America has been a front runner in the labor market for so many years. Unfortunately that is not the case in most recent years. America’s labor market has been downsizing while on the contrary, other countries labor market has been increasing. One economy that has been thriving is in the country of Japan. Since their destruction after the war, Japan has rebuilt their labor market into one of the top labor fields around the world. Unlike any other country, the Japanese utilize part time workers as their driving force. By using part time workers the Japanese are able to keep labor hours down, which decrease the cost of the good, which in essence allows for goods to be more affordable. Cheaper goods allow for more goods to be
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In actuality Japan’s labor market is simple to explain. They took the simple textbook economic theory and used it in their culture, which increased their labor market (Roos, 1935). The theory states “that decreased cost leads to decreased price and hence to increased consumption’ (Roos, 1935). This simply means that the less it costs to make the product, the cheaper it is, and the easier it is to purchase. Since Japan utilizes part time workers, they do not have to pay so much for the labor. Now that labor is cheaper, the cost of the product is cheaper. “Japan has part time workers who cannot only afford the products their country makes, but has the time to enjoy them as well,” thus creating the opportunity for enjoying leisurely activities. (Roos, 1935). There is also an added bonus for making things at a cheaper price. The whole world would like to buy these products since they are cheaper, which causes an influx of revenue to the country (Hitchner, 1986). Instead of Japan making workers work later hours to produce more products they utilize more part time employees to keep the cost down. Another added feature is that it also helps keep the unemployment rate down for the country (Gatson, 2007). You get more people working and more people being able to afford to purchase these items. All of these different ways bring revenue to the country, which will have the country rise in the economic

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