Will We Win The War Against Superbugs? Essay

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Will we win the war against superbugs?

Long life is something our generation is usually expecting. Because of all the breakthroughs in the world of science and technology.1 in 4 people in our generation will live until they are 100(Ian Hecox). This shows we have managed to control most pathogens and the pathogens that we can find a cure for we have managed to contain.

So how does our immune system cope with pathogens? Pathogens contain certain chemicals that are foreign to the body, called antigens. White blood cells-carry antibodies proteins that have chemicals Fit’ to a certain antigen. When a white blood cell with an appropriate antibody meets the pathogen, it reproduces quickly and makes loads of copies of the antibody that neutralises the pathogen. Once you 've been infected with a particular pathogen and produced antibodies against it some of the white blood cells remain. If you become infected with the same pathogen these white bloods reproduce rapidly and the pathogen is destroyed (7). But when our immune system can 't handle the pathogen we need medicine. Such as antibiotics.

For years the cure for the most common pathogen ‘Bacteria’ has been antibiotics. Before we discovered antibiotics a small cut could have resulted in death. In the 1900s the average life span was 31 years of age for both men and women (1). At this point in time antibiotics were not discovered. The first antibiotic was discovered in 1928 and it was penicillin Some experts believe that…

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