Will Power Pipell

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Willpower is the mental equivalent to strength. Magicals use willpower to perform magic, but not all spell require willpower. An example is the Wand-Lightening charm, willpower isn't really required to perform it, while the Fire-Making requires willpower to get it to work. One must use caution because the more will you put into spells, the more violent the backfire could be. Will power can be equated to pushing a box, except it is all mental. You have to focus on the target and think about the effect you wish to produce.

The levitation charm require minimal power when you first cast it. Then as you progress to heavier objects you need to put more willpower into it. One needs to visualize magic flowing from you while performing the spell. This spell doesn't have a too bad backlash if one overpowers it.

The sticking charm Astrictus (a-strik-toose) which is
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Concentration is keeping your mind on the effects of the spell and also keeping your mind on the target once the spell is cast. Concentration requires maintaining focus after a spell is cast. Depending on the spell, you may have to focus on a particular thought, feeling or desire while casting the spell and after it, an example of this is the Patronus Charm.

Spell modifiers are spells that have an extra word or phrase that modify the spell's effect of target. The Sunlight Charm, Lumos Solem (LOO-mos so-LEM), is performed with a single counter-clockwise loop ending with the wand pointing at the target. The Sunlight Charm produces a beam of intense light, possibly a concentrated form of sunlight, at a target. The Dancing Lights Charm, Lumos Numerosa (LOO-mos Noom-air-O-sa), is performed with a single counter-clockwise loop with several rapid counter-clockwise loops afterwards. The Dancing Lights Charm produces spheres of light that can wander directed by the caster's will, but can be performed without a direct

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