Essay on Will Gunderson Was A Good Boy

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Will Gunderson was a good boy, as boys go. He grew up in the high plains of Colorado where cattle bellowed and grazed, and cowboys rode through his small town, donned with spurs, chaps, and big wide hats. He was full of dreams, fed by the white billowing clouds that danced in the bright blue sky above his house, and he spent his days riding his pony over the big meadows near the edge of town, and as he rode across the meadow, he was anywhere, but, home.

William lived in a parsonage with his father who was the preacher, the only ‘man of the cloth’ in his town. His father was Norwegian, from the old country, and had standards which he required William to adhere to…prayer, hard work, and more prayer. His mother was also from the old country, and had been dead as long as William had been alive, for she had died in giving birth to her only child. So, it was just William and his father, and they hardly spoke.

William always wore his straw hat when he took his pony out. He wanted to, one day, to be a cowboy, and on these rides in the meadow, he lived the dream for hours, riding up and down the meadow, looking out at the mountain range that shadowed his town, and imagining himself riding over it, into places he could only dream of, big places where cowboys roamed under wide skies and sat around campfires telling wild stories of adventures William could only wish to live one day.

The town William lived in boasted forty-seven people, including him and his father, and…

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