Wild Thoughts From Wild Places Essay

1210 Words Nov 4th, 2016 5 Pages
Some environmentalists write stories of the complexity of the environment without mention of human experience, while other writers take an inward approach to evaluate the change of nature throughout human history. David Quammen’s Wild Thoughts from Wild Places is a compilation of personal accounts that addresses different natural phenomena and looks deeper into the environmental and social justice behind human involvement in the natural world. In Wild Thoughts from Wild Places, Quammen points to specific animal species, white tigers and the superdove, to reveal environmental injustices that are continuously happening in present-day society. His first point elaborates on the process behind obtaining the white tiger, upkeeping the population, and the effects that this type of breeding is doing to the species as a whole. A white tiger is a regular tiger who was born with two mutant genes, causing partial albinism. Because of their uniqueness and rarity, white tigers attract larger crowds and make audiences interested in that specific tiger species. Quammen uses his own personal narrative to reminisce on the beauty of the white tigers and the intrigue he had with them ever since he was a child. Additionally, Quammen also uses direct information from the zoo to offer the reader a chance to see the behind-the-scene perspective of the white tigers at the Cincinnati Zoo. Zookeepers realized the fan base of the white tigers, and they tried to continue the tiger’s reign at the zoo.…

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