Wikipedia Is An Important Source Of Information Essay

1154 Words Aug 25th, 2016 5 Pages
In “Wikipedia is an Important Source of Information,” the author Craig Belanger contends that Wikipedia is an innovative and appropriate way to access information. By stating the exact number of the whole content of Wikipedia, Belanger emphasizes the continuing growth of Wikipedia and importance of the new way of thinking the site has provided. The author praises the exclusive driving force of Wikipedia, the Web 2.0 service, which allows all users to create and share their information. The author defends the common criticism about the credibility of Wikipedia and contrasts Wikipedia with the encyclopedia to underline the better qualities of Wikipedia. From my perspective, this new set of encyclopedia has its advantages which are fast and free but this seems to be the only advantage as well. The privilege of Wikipedia user is that they can access wrong information quickly and without paying. The drawbacks of Wikipedia exceed the benefits users can receive. Therefore, I believe that Wikipedia is an inappropriate source of information to students for the following reasons: reliability, wrong starting point, and biased information.
To start, Wikipedia is far from a reliable information source. The fundamental reason is because anyone can post information. People who were not officially educated to certain fields can still write about them and get away with it because there is no limitation. Proponents of Wikipedia try to refute this claim by saying that Wikipedia has…

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