Essay on Wider Professional Practice

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ASSIGNMENT - UNIT 7 Wider professional practice

1 Write a critical reflection on the extent to which learning can contribute to the personal development, economic growth and community regeneration of your learners.

2 Write an analysis of how relevant government policies and initiatives impact on own role and teaching and learning within the Lifelong Learning Sector.

3 Provide extracts from their ongoing reflective journal to analyse and evaluate:

Their understanding of the principles and processes of evaluation including its role in quality assurance.

Their own application of evaluation processes, working with others and their use of data and other feedback for evaluation.

4 Have embedded equality of opportunity and
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The Department for Education and Schools (DfES) strategy Success for All recognises that professional, skilled and qualified teachers are essential and that the learning and skills sector must attract, motivate and retain teachers. With the implication that companies will now have to put their trainers/teachers through the qualification in order to secure funding via the LSC will organisations deterred from contracting to deliver learning?

A recent article in the IFL (issue 1) touches on the subject of professionalism and professional bodies. The article invited thought on the distinction between the name of a thing and the description of an approach. The question: ‘Are you professional?’ Ironically, there has been call that teachers in FE attain the ‘license to practice’ so that they are on a par with school teachers. The introduction of new standards, quality assurance and planning arrangements for initial teacher training were set out after OfSTED highlighted ‘insufficient initial assessment, monitoring and specialist support for college teaching staff’. To achieve the golden kudos of QTLS means either two to three years of studying. It feels all too fascicle in the next breath that the Labour government initiative, which is part of Labour's public service reforms, will from September halve the minimum time it takes to train as a qualified teacher in England from a year to six months. Is this not insulting to teachers in FE whom have studied hard and reflected

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