Why did the police in 1888 never catch Jack the Ripper Essay

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Why did the police in 1888 never catch Jack the Ripper?
In the autumn of 1888, an air of mystery and terror cloaked and surrounded the city of London. An unidentified murderer who had given himself the name Jack the Ripper was loose on the streets of the east end, killing and mutilating innocent women whilst the police seemed helpless, unable to catch the killer. But why was Jack the Ripper never caught? In this essay I will investigate the reasons why the infamous murderer was never caught, including how the press interfered, how the area itself prevented the police from finding out who Jack the Ripper was and argue that the main cause was the police themselves.

Interference from the press is one example of how the police’s
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There was no evidence that could be traced back to the murderer and there seemed to be no motive other than killing prostitutes, this meant that the victims would not be linked in any way to Jack the Ripper. With every victim Jack the Ripper killed, the violence escalated. What started with a simple cut across their throat ended with an extremely gruesome murder in which Mary Jane Kelly’s body was mutilated completely. This was the last canonical Ripper murder.
One significant issue that contributed to the police’s inability to catch Jack the Ripper was the vast amount of witnesses providing contradictory details on suspects, on top of the actual amount of suspects themselves. According to casebook.org, over five hundred people have been seen as suspects by numerous theorists , despite the lack of evidence backing up the majority of them. Witnesses of the Whitechapel murders who claim to have seen Jack the Ripper gave such a diverse range of possibilities that it was impossible to create a single suspect profile. In addition to this, Jack the Ripper theorist, Nicole Ward, suggests that “The majority of the population of Whitechapel had issues with alcohol”, inferring that the witnesses were often unreliable, and therefore the few statements that have been obtainable are not necessarily accurate in their description. This hamper the police’s ability to catch Jack the Ripper .

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