Why and When We Speak Spanish in Public by Myriam Marquez Essay

871 Words Jun 29th, 2013 4 Pages
In today’s society, there are over thousands of different languages or dialects speak around the world. And because America is such a diverse country with many individuals capable of speaking two or more languages, they tend to forget the importance of speaking English in America. As an American living in America, it’s not important whether they speak English or not, but what’s important is which language they choose to represent themselves freely. Language is speaked in many forms. Some people may grow up learning one language but choose to speak another and others might simply grow up speaking only one language. As Chinese myself, I have been speaking Chinese for my whole life. My first language was Chinese and although I’ve learned …show more content…
This is why I choose to express myself in Chinese during my free time because it connects to my friends and family better. Because I live in America speaking English is a must, but during my off time or free time I would feel comfortable express myself in my native language. Language is used every single day. We use language to communicate, contact and connect. For the immigrants who speak bilingually, English is what they use

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