Why Zoo Animals Should Not Be Banned Essay

1815 Words Jul 19th, 2015 null Page
Stepping inside a zoo is like setting foot in the wild; with the only difference that the animals are enclosed behind bars and some are within a distance for public safety. Zoo animals, who are held in captivity, are restrained from having the freedom they were evolved to take advantage from because they are preserved for public education and amusement. What may seem like a friendly establishment for wild animals is in reality a park where animals: are used for “educational” purposes, are deprived from having an adequate environment where they can act like animals, suffer from stereotypical behaviors where their behaviors alternate, and are considered to be money makers rather than animals who are being preserved. When humans enjoy visitations to wild parks they seem to enjoy the incarceration of wildlife with the mentality that these animals could be domesticated to live under enclosed conditions. Zoos claim that they preserve animals to educate the public and give them an insightful experience of wildlife species. However, how can they be educating people and young children when the animals are behind cages. The only lesson they are teaching pupils is that it is morally acceptable to take animals away from their families and displace them from their homes. Liz Tyson, director of Captive Animals’ Protection Agency (CAPS), states that “It is hardly surprising to learn that most children visiting zoos are neither empowered nor educated by the experience of seeing captive…

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