Why Zombies Are Popular

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Zombies have overtaken the media world. They have consumed the film and television industry. They continue to grow as viewers are attracted and can relate to how zombies represent our reality in many aspects. The physical and emotional aspects of zombies capture the average American citizen’s attention. Zombies are popular in modern day culture because the represent epidemic outbreaks, anxieties and our daily rituals. One reason why zombies are so popular in this era is because we can compare them to the disease and virus outbreaks in today’s world. For example in World War Z, a zombie is trapped in the bathroom when a flight attendant opens the door. Soon after the zombie lashes onto the flight attendant biting her causing her to turn into a zombie. One person after another person gets bitten and in less then 5 minutes the one zombie has turned into over 50. Just like your average chain reaction after one is bitten the others follow. This scene can be related to diseases and epidemics that break out in America and foreign countries because of how rapidly viruses spread. For an example when Ebola first surfaced Americans lost control. When a virus breaks out and we don’t know the cause or cure right away it kills hundreds or more of innocent citizens. In other words the fictional zombies we see on TV represent our reality of disease outbreaks. …show more content…
In Dennis Miller’s article Why Zombies Rules he states, “Though inarticulate, the zombie speaks to us by raising the spectre of our anxieties, and providing us with the opportunity to shoot those anxieties in the head,” Examples of common anxieties that Americans deal with are family tensions, relationship issues and work stress. These anxieties often feel unavoidable at times unlike killing a zombie swiftly and effortlessly. Shows like the Walking Dead provide us with an emotional satisfaction will the effortless extermination of their

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