Why You Wear Your Hair Like Essay

1537 Words Dec 2nd, 2015 null Page
“Why do you wear your hair like that, how come you do not look like most black girls,” they say. I hover in my seat at the lunch table, biting down on my bottom lip to keep from crying. I take each and every insult that comes my way like bullets piercing my heart. My seventh grade self-went home that day and ran to the bathroom. I looked at my appearance and lost any hope that I had in myself. Hating and wishing that I looked like everyone else, just wishing that I was not born into the family that I was in. Finally, deciding that enough was enough I walked into the kitchen and took one of my father’s prescription pills, drowning myself in the bottle. Hoping and wishing that the pain would just go away, only to end up numb and alive. Everything that I was once told was beautiful was washed away by malicious words. To think that I even amounted anything in life made my tears pour down like rushing waterfalls. The girls in my school put thoughts into my head that I never imagined exist. They made me starve myself, cut myself and hit rock bottom. I became so great at putting on a fake smile and seeming happy. As a result of enduring bullying, I became more closed off towards the people surrounding me and even my own family members, but I am still learning myself and starting to open up more. Notably, I was closed off towards people, which made it hard for me to trust individuals. For example, when my mom would ask me questions about my day and certain situations, I would lie…

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