Why You Should Speak More Than One Language Essay

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Why you should speak more than one language.
“Language is an abstract system of symbol and meanings. This system includes grammar that relates meaning so that we can communicate with each other.” ("Role of Language In Human Life") Language is extremely important in a human’s everyday life, it is essential to interact with others. Humans use language to inform others the way they feel and what they desire, and to understand and question the world they live in. To communicate with each other, people use not only words but body language, gestures, and different tones of voice depending on what feeling they are trying to communicate. But with no doubt, communication through spoken language is one of the many -if not the most- important and effective ways of communication.
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A person that is more open to cultural variety will have the opportunity to talk to more people, especially in The United States of America; a country where immigration is a big part thereof and some people feel segregated as their main language is not everybody else’s first language. In these cases a multilingual person could help to integrate them to the community and be a support for them. On the other hand, being a person who speaks more than one language makes one more socially interesting. People is more likely to approach a person that is bilingual or multilingual, they feel attracted to the fact that something motivated a person to learn and speak another language besides their own, and above all they feel curious to know the story and the experience behind it. For example, if a person’s first language is English and the same person is able to speak a second language, the chances of getting involved in fascinating and a whole new world conversations

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