Why You Should Plan Your Honeymoon Essay

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Why You Should Plan Your Honeymoon in Seychelles
You cannot make a better choice for a romantic honeymoon than Seychelles. It will not disappoint you. With its unspoiled beaches fringed by radiant warm waters, lush green areas, breath-taking mountains and isolated bays for a romantic picnic, Seychelles is truly a tropical paradise for an unforgettable honeymoon.
I know how hectic it is to plan a wedding, but the honeymoon is the best time to recover, with those post-nuptial breezy nights, just you and your new spouse. Oh! it’s so romantic. Seychelles make the perfect setting for your honeymoon, where you and your new spouse can celebrate your love in paradise.
No honeymoon destination can certainly equal the kind of reputation a top honeymoon destination like Bahamas has. Being freshly minted as a Mr. and Mrs., you need somewhere special with spectacular settings, and the best place to consider is Seychelles.
Why Seychelles?
Seychelles is second to none. Seychelles Islands, officially known as the Republic of Seychelles, is an archipelagic nation with 115 islands lying in the Indian Ocean. Male is the main island of Seychelles, it is the economic and cultural hub of the country.
Still wondering why? Here are reasons why you should plan your honeymoon in Seychelles.
1. Unspoiled Beaches
Seychelles is renowned for its picturesque beaches. Imagine lounging on a white sandy beach with your new spouse, overlooking striking boulders and sparkling turquoise water, naturally…

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