Why Women Aren T Funny Analysis

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It seems like one of the most frequent debates, men versus women. Whether it is about physical abilities, the superior comedian, or who is the most unapologetic. There are too many factors and contributions each gender makes, even within their own gender, an individual is far different from the rest. Dominance can not be decided through comparing a genders’ stereotypical strength or weakness. Not all men are the same. Much can be said about the common stereotype of man. One stereotype which is the focus of the article “Why Women Aren’t Funny” by Christopher Hitchens, is the attribute of humor. In fact he is so bold to proclaim that men are in fact funnier than women. A way in which he justifies this statement is the common thought that all women say they …show more content…
Just as Christopher Hitchens proclaims, women are seen as not funny. He does go on thought to mention that there are some funny women out there, such as Dorothy Parker, Nora Ephron, Fran Lebowitz, and Ellen DeGeneres, so with this statement at least he gives examples of the opposite instance. Quite truthfully thought, this is a common stereotype, yet it is not completely justified. Depending on the person, everyone has a different sense of humor, so if one man finds a woman not funny, another man might find her hilarious. Same could go for a man as well, he may think he is the best in the business, but might be seen as tacky by others. The other side to the public decency stereotype is that women are more considerate of others than men are. In some cases this could indeed be true, but that is not always true, even though society usually believes otherwise. Of course there are always “special instances,” some may say, but more often than not one can witness a woman being just as impolite as any man. The main issue is that society bases one’s personality off of their gender instead of looking at the two as

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