Why Wear Clothing And Cultural Expectations Essays

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Walk into anyone’s closet, and you might just get a glimpse of their character or personality. What one wears can potentially define who they are. In most cases, this can be seen as true for employees such as businessmen in suits and ties, or construction workers in baggy jeans and t-shirts. Clothing is something that has become a necessity overtime. It not only defines people, but also shows the evolution of history. This begs the question as to why clothing? The basis for why we wear clothing includes cultural expectations focusing on group identity, protection, and individuality.

The first reason as to why we wear clothing is because of cultural expectations, focusing on group identity. The concept of group identity is when an individual links themselves to a certain group, likely influenced by genes and social environments (Weber, Johnson, & Arceneaux, 2011). When referring to clothing, one may wear certain pieces to fit into any specific group. In particular, “Clothing has been used to distinguish among classes from the earliest historical record” (B, 2009). During the 1500’s-1600’s, women whom were considered part of the aristocracy wore heavy embellished costumes to symbolize their power and wealth (Stone, 2013). From then on, clothing has been used as a form of validating a person’s status without even introducing one’s self. Author and Clinical Psychologist, Dr. Jennifer Baumgartner confirms this by stating that “Americans rely on clothing…

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