Why We Tuned Out By Karen Springen Essay

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In my beliefs television is one of many things that distracts the human minds from reaching its fullest potential. I think most of the shows that people watch today does not promote intellectual intelligence, and they have a negative effect on teens/young adults. Now, I would be lying if I said I did not watch television because I do, but I have not watched television for over two hours per day or sometimes once or twice per week. Why? I personally do not feel like television provides me with an advancement in life, so it 's a waste. Thus, I believe that watching the News is essential to know what 's going on locally and worldwide, but I do not see the importance of television in general.

Looking back on the article we were required to read for Test 2, “Why We Tuned Out” by Karen Springen inspired me to select this prompt. Growing up, my mom would tell my sister and I that television rots the brain and that we should spend more time being active children like playing outside with friends, etc. I believe she encouraged us to be children, so that we would not get caught up in the things that are shown on television. I can gladly say that her strictness encouraged me to read more and reading at a young age broadened my horizon. Any time I went over to my grandmother’s house, I would read encyclopedias and that is what sparked my love for science. I then came to the conclusion that my mother may have been correct all along.

“Scientists have linked television viewing to…

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