Why We Shouldn 't Raise Driving Age Essay

1076 Words Feb 1st, 2016 null Page
As a teen driver, I have learned that it takes a lot of responsibility to be a good driver. As for me, I haven’t been in any accidents or been in trouble with the law, but that’s not the case for everyone. There are also teen drivers who have been in accidents and have been in trouble with the law; I know this because the teens that have been in these situations are now persuading adults to raise the age of driving. Therefore, I disagree with raising the driving age, because for a teen driver it is an exciting experience to get to drive, teens take more responsibility after getting their license, and it’s good for teens to learn at a young age. The first reason why we shouldn’t raise driving age is because as a teen it’s an exciting experience to get to drive. For all sixteen year olds, driving is something new and exciting that we want to experience at a young age. Starting to drive is a big part of growing up. Having keys being put into our hands makes us teens feel older and more responsible. It feels good as a teenager to know that your parents trust their child with something so big; it also makes us feeling more responsible for our actions. Along with exciting experiences, another reason why we should not raise the driving age is because teens take more responsibility.

The legal driving age has been a constant debate and every few years another log is thrown onto the fire. Should we really raise the legal age to drive? Would it save lives? If so, how high should we…

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