Why We Shouldn 't Panic About Ebola Essay

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Why We Shouldn’t Panic About Ebola Ebola or hemorrhagic fever is a virus, which has a high rate of killing people. The virus attacks every cell in the body leading to organ failure and death. There is no known cure at this time. In West Africa the current outbreak is the worst it 's ever been, but this is not the first. The first was in 1976, two cases appeared in Zaire, Sudan, and other in Samburu, Democratic Republic of Congo. The virus was named after the Ebola River in the village where it occurred. Thousands of people are dying each day from the Ebola virus in West Africa. The lack of medical care in the African countries have attributed to this. There have been a few cases in the United States and one death. The death in the US was an individual who had just traveled from the infected African region. Much attention has been given to the severity of the situation. People are getting concerned that this has shown up in the United States. Americans don’t need to worry about the Ebola virus because of regulations in treatment centers, scarcity of the virus, and the location of the outbreak. Treatment centers have special training to deal with this type virus and the Center for Disease Control has issued guidelines to follow on the proper way to treat and care for an Ebola patient. Although the virus is very scary, it is very hard to catch. The location of the virus infected countries are in part due to poverty and lack of food sources. Animals that are used for food…

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