Why We Should Stop Smoking Marijuana Essay

1013 Words Jul 7th, 2015 null Page
On the fateful day of April 22nd, 2015, I was unfortunately carrying marijuana and a small pipe on me and then was caught by police. I now have to pay many hefty fines and preform many hours of community service. What I regret most about smoking marijuana is all of the time I wasted while being high and just not being able to be productive like I would have been sober. Instead I spent my time playing video games mindlessly, dazing into the television, or just sleeping instead of possibly studying or being active. I can recall instances where I needed to read or study for a test or quiz and instead I would smoke then not be able to study because I could not concentrate. Even though it made me lazy I still continued to smoke it because it seem to calm me down during stressful moments during school or just any point in my life. The consequences of smoking marijuana are far greater than the advantages and then getting caught by police is far too expensive and time consuming to deal with. I now have around one-thousand dollars in fines and hopefully this mark gets off my record because if it does not I may never be able to get a job. I most likely will now also be on some sort of probation for about a year which means I may not get any other sort of ticket or else the mark stays on my record. Smoking marijuana has affected me socially because I only hang out with people who smoke marijuana so there is only more influence and pressure to continue to smoke more since everybody is…

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