Why We Should Have Seven Class Periods

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St. Labre high school is considering a change in the schedules that we have. They are considering if there should be seven class periods and a longer lunch, but we would take one elective away. If there’s not a change, then we would keep the eight periods and the thirty-minute lunch. My argument is that we should have seven class periods and about an hour long lunch.
I believe we should make this change since the extra hour of lunch could benefit the ones who do not eat at lunch. If we do make this change they could eat at lunch and have enough time to play basketball. Furthermore, the kids who do not have enough time to finish their lunch could now come and eat without hurrying. Finally, the electives that do not have enough students or there are fewer students than any other elective we wouldn't take.
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Some people do not even get to finish eating their meals at lunch as they are so rushed to get back to class. If there were a longer lunch period, students would not rush. Students would have a little more time to work on their homework in class and possibly get that done in class. Students who are tardy could have one more extra minute to get to class. Students could learn how doing a certain thing the way it's supposed to be done. They could hand in their work on time and get excellent grades. They wouldn't be in study hall. Since proving my statements could help students who do not eat as much since they must rush, I believe that we should have seven periods for a longer lunch. The elective that we choose to get rid of we could always take it next year. My proving statements allow what could happen if there truly was a

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