The Problem Of Assisted Suicide

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We should not allow assisted suicide there are major problems that go with it. The problems that are know is their is an increase in the suicide rate, the people that allow that are not in a right state of mind. The last one is that doctors make mistakes in diagnosing their patients. Also their is a message that we are sending out to teens and to the younger kids because we are saying it okay to kill your self.

The increase in the suicide rate in Oregon went up 32% because they allow it. The rate when up in Oregon 50% vs the 28% nationally. That is real sad it when up because they allowed ‘assisted’ suicide to be legal. Some of the people will recover from their terminal illness with the right treatment when they are condiment to death.
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It could be that the want to see their family member or a loved one and they see ‘assisted’ suicide as an easy way to do it a not wait for natural death. The pain or sadness will cloud their mind and they will not think clearly or straight as they could because the emotions are clouding it. Their family could be saying that their in so much pain that it is the easy way to go and the can not bear to see them like that lying in bed. They can 't move or have a normal life and it would be easier on everyone it the family. The older the person is it is easier to forget or not understand what we are saying. We can explain it to our best of our ability and they will still not understand what is going on because it is a brand new idea for them and they would like to go the natural way. We are make happy the minority not the majority. When we do that many people will protest against this because it is wrong on so many level and goes against the natural way of life. They should live their life at the fullest that they can. People will start to protest against it because it is wrong and doctors may abuse the power that they have because ‘assisted’ suicide is allowed. Plus the doctor that do it may be tried to murder by the family because the person did not even know what it was and they could not say goodbye to their loved …show more content…
We are all human and make mistakes. But the mistakes could push the person to end their life early because their thinking the disease is deadly when it not so they go with ‘assisted’ suicide. Yes it their choice but we have think that they may be when need other doctors to check it out or just wait for a while because most likely they will change their mind later on. The doctor may putting pressure on the person or their family. Say that it is the kindest thing to do for your family or loved one. The doctors will go through what they think it is and giving the worst case scenario without have real facts or real knowing what it is. The person may decide to end their life with ‘assisted’ suicide. We trust our doctors to tell the truth and know what they 're talking about and have a good idea what it is or know what it is. Each doctor has a specific field that they work in and may say something that not true so they get money when they know it is not true. A doctor could be new but they will have the power to do that. They could read the chart or an x-Ray wrong and the person would want to end their life because they would not want to suffer we it is basically nothing at all. A parent could decide it the best for their kids without asking if they would want it and that kid could fight it off and

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