Why We Must Work Of Faith Essay

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1 Thessalonians 1:2-7 points out four ways Christians can be called to a higher level, to love more, do more, to be more like Christ. Our works of faith, labor of love, steadfast of hope, and imitators of Christ are the four areas the book of Thessalonians is challenging me. Too many times I do not take time to reflect characteristics like the ones laid out in this scripture. Reflection is an important way to identify where you may be lacking in an area and helps you be intentional about growing and becoming better in these areas. How should work of faith look like? This question makes me wonder if we are all called to a work so big, and impossible, that it requires faith. In some personal instances I would much rather do work that requires no faith. Why? Maybe faith is just hard for us. For the rest of my life, I want to challenge my self in work than requires faith. The work in ministry I want to do in the future defiantly needs faith and a lot of it. I need faith that the Lord will use me properly in the lives of teenagers. I need endless faith for safety when living in an inner city. I need faith for finances not only to provide for myself, but also to continue the Lord’s work. Faith is something I need to be dependent on. I suppose, you can define the work I am called to, as labor of love. I am well aware that I can invest in students and get nothing in return. I could work with my heart and soul and still not see a single result for possibly years or even ever. I…

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