Why We Make A Difference Essay

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Why We Make a Difference Anyone, doing anything, can make a difference. I learned that on September 22nd, 2016, at the University of Idaho’s Take Back the Night Walk. After listening to the speeches of several individuals, a silent walk around campus took place in order to symbolize people willingness to stand up to domestic violence, sexual assault and sexual abuse not only in the confines of campus but everywhere else as well. Even though I am fairly sure most people did not notice the several hundred people marching across campus bearing signs, it was a powerful and emotional experience for those involved. Every two minutes someone would blow a whistle representing the statistics for abuse in this country. Every two minutes. I never really paid much attention to this before, but two minutes is not a statistic to be taken lightly. It is heartbreaking to know how often people are being abuse or assaulted in this country that is supposed to be safe. I guess it is not in the scheme of things, but is there any place that actually safe? People can still break into the White House, so probably not. However, in this event I also learned how many people are there to help when something happens. Not only are there councilors, and nurses who try to talk to those abused, but in general I believe people are good. Maybe not the best, everyone has their flaws and there are always some who seem so dark there will never be any light in them, but it seemed most people are willing to do…

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