Why We Love Tv Anti Heroes Essay

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Daniel Holland
April 13, 2014
Why We Love TV’s Anti-Heroes Is it possible today’s generation gradually evolved into an era in which selfishness and evil overpowers good? Over the past years society perceives the idea of a hero differently than it was perceived in the 21st century, nevertheless impacts our society hugely. It is no surprise why youth of today enjoy T.V. shows that are driven by torture, killing, drugs and drama. In fact these are among the T.V. shows with higher ratings. Hero is characterized as a person of good character who performs beneficial acts towards a community and influence an individual self-concept in a good manner. Today, the new hero is the anti-hero and his morally reprehensible conduct is excused by a
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Moreover, anti-heroes roles send out the message that being bad is the new “good” and it is well accepted by society in the name of greater good. Making bad decisions it is clearly easier than to be definitively upright. It is no surprise why this culture is driven and identify their badly behavior with these anti-heroes protagonist. The development of these characters daily lifestyle and superior position are portrayed so realistic they are appealing and relatable to society. Garrett reveals, “Just as audience were able to connect with Tony because he was a family, so audience connect with Vic he was demonstrably good at his job, a great cop. Our empathy for him is every bit of troubling as our empathy for Tony”(320). The relativeness between the audience and character is the primary element of an enjoyable successful T.V. show. The success and bad behavior provides a sense of rebelliousness and conformity to the televised audience. However the violence in these T.V. shows portrayed by anti-heroes may also consequently impact youth’s behavior in developing bad habits. In Media Violence, Christina L. Lyons points out, “Researchers agree on whether media violence can lead young people to mimic violent behavior. Researchers contend that studies have long shown that exposure to media violence at least correlates with aggressive behavior.” says John Murray, a research fellow

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