Why We Crave Horror Movies Stephen King Analysis

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In Stephen King 's essay "Why we crave horror movies" he discusses why we urge ourselves to go to events such as movies that make us uncomfortable. People often feel the need to prove ourselves to society, or other people, by showing we aren 't afraid. But this is not the main point of King 's essay. King believes that we are all mentally ill to an extent. With this I agree. Some people more than others, but nonetheless everyone has something that sets them apart from other individuals. We are all abnormal in different ways; some of us are just better at hiding it. Nevertheless, experiences and other factors cause us to be the way we are. We do things like extreme sports and other activities that could end our life in a second. Consequently, we continue to do these things simply for the thrill. Why? Why would we put our lives in jeopardy just for something as irrelevant as thrill? Simply put, to give ourselves an output for all we continually hold in.
When King states that we are all crazy, the question is what level of insanity we are, and how we react with it. Some people may go out and do terrible things like
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So we are able to remain our conscientious selves and keep our strange speculations at bay. With these observations, I have to agree. Seeing so much insanity in the world, there has to be an explanation. Therefore proving our courage to others while watching scary movies isn 't the only reason we view movies that give us nightmares or make us close our eyes. In conclusion, we watch these kinds of horror movies for various reasons, to enjoy ourselves for entertainment and to feel better about our own lives. However, the other concealed incentive is so we are able to express our bad emotions in a way that is harmless and keeps us healthy so that only our good emotions are identified. We must maintain our unacceptable nature. Or as King says, "We must keep the gators

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