Essay on Why Water Is The Most Important Molecule On The Earth

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The reason I chose water as my molecule is that I believe water is the most important molecule on the Earth. Water is an important to the study of chemistry and biology. A vast majority of the study of science deals with water being involved. From chemical reactions, biological systems, cellular respiration, and making solutions it seems that H2O is involve in some capacity. Water is involved not just in science, but in our everyday life. Water has complex features and important to life. The importance of water to science and the world around us cannot be overstated.
The importance of water can be seen from anybody, even by people without much knowledge of science. According to Wikipedia, water covers 71% of the Earth’s surface. The human body contains 55 to 78% water depending on size of human. Outside of water being so much of a presence on Earth and inside our body, we all use water in our everyday lives. From taking a shower, washing dishes, boiling food, and many other tasks require water. One of combustion reactions products is water. Cellular respiration gives off the product of water. Therefore, are body is always producing water while making ATP. The importance of water cannot be overestimated. When look at what makes up water, there seem to be nothing special about the molecule. Water chemical formula is H2O. Water central atom is oxygen sp3hyperdizied. The molecular geometry of water is bent. Water is a polar covalent molecule, as it forms to polar bonds with…

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