Why Was the Civil Rights Movement Successful by 1965? Essay

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Why was the civil rights movement successful by 1965?

The Civil Rights Movement kind of ebbed and flowed. For example, in 1957, Little Rock High School was desegregated, which allowed 9 African-American students to attend; however, the students were constantly harassed, and when they went to school their first day, they needed the National Guard there to protect them. There were the Freedom Rides of 1961, which led to Kennedy ordering the Interstate Commerce Commission to issue a new desegregation act; however, those participating in the sit-ins were harassed and arrested (at least some of them.)
However, by the end of the 1960s, the Civil Rights Movement had definitely progressed. African-Americans registered to vote; Mississippi
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A lot of Britons, including Dusty Springfield, went to America to give physical support to the Civil Rights Movement and went on that big march to Washington.

I guess it must have had some success because we now have Barack Obama running for leadership of the Democrats and if he wins that race, he'll go on and try for the White House.

Look - don't take any notice of me right, but America is on the brink of

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