Why Was Vindolanda Built? Essay

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Vindolanda was one of a series of Roman forts built in northern England (Northumberland) in the last quarter of the 1st Century AD. It became an auxiliary fort which also had a substantial element of civilian accommodation. The forts stretched from east to west, and are considered to have been a consolidation of the frontier of the Roman Empire. The Romans invaded southern Britain in AD43, and slowly moved north. At one point, they had hoped to conquer all of Britain, but never succeeded. Roman armies had advanced far into Scotland in the 70s AD. But either by choice or necessity, they abandoned these gains and formed a frontier stretching roughly from modern Newcastle in the east to modern Carlisle in the west. The
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The road sloped from the middle to ditches either side, so rain water drained off. Romans made these roads were wide enough for two armies to go past without having to stop and to waste time. The Stanegate was the road closest to the fort Vindolanda. The Romans would always build a fort near a road, which made it easier for transport. The road was very useful; it was used for trading with the other tribes. In 54 BC Caesar had captured a hill-fort. Then, again, he went away. He did not think Britain was worth a long war, and he wanted to get back to Rome. Nearly a hundred years later, in AD 43, the Romans returned. Claudius sent an army to invade Britain. The army had four legions. This time the Romans conquered the southern half of Britain, and made it part of the Roman Empire. One of the main reasons why the Roman’s wanted to invade was the Britain’s wealth and the goods they owned and he wanted to make Britain part of Rome's empire. The Picts and Brigantes are two of the oldest pre-roman inhabitants of Great Britain. Both inhabited and battled the Romans and each other for the lands of Northern England and Scotland. The picts were really rich and Romans wanted to take an advantage and take over. They invaded the south of Britain and they used the picts to trade with the Brigantes. The picts were the people from

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